My First Un-Broken Mother’s Day

The other day the mere sight of my daughter brought me to tears. She is so darned cute! It really is amazing how much I love her and how dedicated I am to being the best mother I can be for her. Maybe that’s why all the Mother’s Day ads are also bringing me to tears. Because for the first time in my life, Mother’s Day isn’t breaking my heart.

When I was only 3 months old my mother decided to abandon my father and I. She walked away in the middle of the night with no warning and without giving a reason. She just left. The pain she caused then was only compounded later as she developed a pattern Continue reading

10 Things I Miss About My Pre-Baby Life

When I was pregnant I heard constant warnings of how much my life was about to change. I’m not a party-all-night kind of gal so I figured the changes would be more noticeable for those who are. What I wasn’t prepared for was how much the subtle changes that I would experience would affect me. I could easily write a list of 1,000 reasons that I love my new life, but there are a few things that I miss about my pre-baby life. Here are my top 10.

Watching television or listening to talk radio at a normal volume. Before having a baby, I had no idea how noisy these little things could be! My 8 month old can drown out the sound of the television when it’s turned to almost its highest level, and she always picks the perfect time to squeal so that I’ll miss only the most pivotal moments. So, if I sound like a total idiot when we are discussing current events, remember that I only heard every 4th word of that news report. Continue reading

Why Your Fancy Pants Outfit P*sses Me Off

Fancy PantsI love taking my daughter to the park! She’s finally old enough to enjoy it, which makes her happy and gives me a few much needed moments of tranquil. Plus, since it’s so close to home, it’s a great impromptu outing when I just can’t live another moment in the circus that I call home. Unfortunately, there’s always that one mom who shows up at the park with her kids dressed like miniature Abercrombie models and whose own makeup and outfit look like they were assembled and applied by a team of trained professionals. It never fails, and it really p*sses me off! I am currently a stay at home mom. Let’s face it, I rarely have a reason to wear a bra, let alone high end shoes that perfectly compliment my coordinated makeup and jewelry. But, for a trip to the park I’ll break down, throw on some mascara, yoga pants, a tank top, and a bra. We all know the playground is supposed to basically be a mom’s safe zone where she can go to let her kids run wild while she kicks back on a bench and gets a few precious moments of comfort and peace. That is of course, until Miss Fancy Pants shows up. Suddenly, instead of wallowing in our comfort and ignoring the unidentifiable stains on the “clean” clothes that we threw on, we are faced with feeling fat, frumpy, and about as far from stylish as a person can get. Let’s face it ladies, we don’t dress to impress men, we dress to impress each other and if you insist on looking totally fabulous just to go to the park, you’re really playing dirty. It’s like wearing a white dress to a wedding. What the hell are you thinking? Go home. Put on your frumpy jeans, throw your hair in a ponytail and we’ll welcome you back with open arms. But until then, take your fancy-pants kids and go play at the mall.  

In Defense of Tiny Homes

Tiny HouseAlthough I am not an avid daytime television watcher, I will often turn the TV on halfway through the day just to hear something other than cats meowing, dog toenails tapping, my daughter babbling, or that strange baby-doll in the guest room laughing (that thing is sooo creepy). Usually I’ll find the news or some talk show that’s easy to tune out but still supplies me with a feeling of connectivity to the outside world. On this particular day I found that The Steve Harvey Show was on and I happened to catch him talking about the Tiny House movement. Well, as a person who has become slightly obsessed with the idea, I turned my ears to ON and hit UP on the volume button. Turns out, Steve Harvey takes issue with the Tiny House movement. He explained that at one point in his life he had been homeless, even living in a car for quite some time, which he noted was a “tiny space.” He went on to say that anyone who wants to live in a Tiny Home has simply given Continue reading



Anyone who knows me personally knows that I am not typically a “star-struck” kind of gal (I have one or two steamy exceptions to my rule…hello Josh Holloway), but the death of Prince has really hit a chord with me. Obviously, I did not know him personally, although I have no doubt that in another life he would have been my token “cool in a weird way” friend. Having been a fan for so many years,  I always admired him for not being afraid to do his own thing, for being a vegan, and for (as far as I know) not becoming a drug and alcohol addicted maniac once becoming famous (as so many often do). He was a musical genius who somehow managed to be exceptional and stay grounded all at the same time. He truly was a rare find in this world and will surely be missed by his friends, family, and fans like me.

As I’m writing this I’m trying to decide on a favorite Prince song. Of course I love Purple Rain, When Doves Cry, and so many others (because who doesn’t), but I have to pick I Wanna Be Your Lover as my fav!

What’s your favorite??

Why Your Baby Won’t Get My Vote

It seems that every month or so there is a new baby beauty pageant taking over Facebook, and I’m being hounded by moms everywhere to vote for their precious tot. My answer? No thanks. I’m not interested. It’s not that I don’t think your babies are adorable. In fact, I like to think that mine is the most adorable of them all. But, I am not interested in parading my daughter’s photo in front of everyone to be judged, nor do I want to judge yours. In my opinion, an online pageant is just the beginning of raising my daughter to believe that her worth comes from superficial sources such as the way she looks. Sure, she’s too young to even realize what’s happening, let alone be affected by it right now. But as her mother I have decided that certain things are just not for us, and beauty pageants are out. It’s not that I’m worried that she’ll become the next Kim Kardashian, posting endless selfies online all day and obsessing over trends and labels. No, it’s the fear that she’ll be one of the unfortunate souls who doesn’t land a reality TV series and instead lives seemingly endless, unhappy days wishing that she had looks, possessions, or a lifestyle that just doesn’t happen for her. And so, in lieu of pageants, I want to encourage my darling daughter to engage in activities that will teach her about friendships, strength, knowledge, self-reliance, and of course self-worth. That encouragement starts with my opting out of your contest. And so, good luck to you, but you won’t get a vote from me.