What Moms REALLY Want for Mother’s Day

Mother's Day

Each year I watch as mom’s all around me give the loving, “Oh. You shouldn’t have!” to husbands and kids on Mother’s Day. It seems that although Dad’s and Kids love their mom, they just don’t seem to be any good at treating them thoughtfully on Mom’s day. For the mom’s who do enjoy their gifts, it’s usually the quintessential “woman-friendly” gift of flowers, candy, dinner, etc. But Mom’s work REALLY hard all year long and giving their Mother’s Day gift 30-seconds of thought just seems a little lame.

And so, as a mother I am compiling a list of thoughtful and loving gifts that mom’s would actually enjoy. Pick from this list and you’re sure to make your wife/mother the envy of Continue reading

In Defense of Tiny Homes

Tiny HouseAlthough I am not an avid daytime television watcher, I will often turn the TV on halfway through the day just to hear something other than cats meowing, dog toenails tapping, my daughter babbling, or that strange baby-doll in the guest room laughing (that thing is sooo creepy). Usually I’ll find the news or some talk show that’s easy to tune out but still supplies me with a feeling of connectivity to the outside world. On this particular day I found that The Steve Harvey Show was on and I happened to catch him talking about the Tiny House movement. Well, as a person who has become slightly obsessed with the idea, I turned my ears to ON and hit UP on the volume button. Turns out, Steve Harvey takes issue with the Tiny House movement. He explained that at one point in his life he had been homeless, even living in a car for quite some time, which he noted was a “tiny space.” He went on to say that anyone who wants to live in a Tiny Home has simply given Continue reading